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If you see the XADO logo on the package, it means this is an innovative product containing revitalizant. It is the main feature and distinctive sign of the XADO trademark. Currently XADO is one of the largest manufacturers of innovative car care products and lubricants. The XADO products designed for restoration and repair of any types of vehicles and mechanisms without their disassembly can be bought in more than 80 countries of the world and on all continents.

XADO Technology. Saves Fuel Reduces CO, CO2 & NOX. Improves Performance

Advanced Revitalization

XADO is probably the most advanced mechanical treatment on the markettoday. Designed to treat any oil lubricated engine, gearbox, fuelsystem, hydraulic equipment, bearings, household equipment and evenrifle barrels.

XADO Technology. Saves Energy, Reduces Vibration, Improves Compression


This unique and revolutionary patented technology utilises a form of Nano Technology and mechanical friction to automatically rebond microscopic metal particles present in your lubricant back into to the metallic surface structure.

XADO Technology. Easy To Use, Save on Repairs, With CERMET Protection


Not only does XADO restores, repair and recondition worn mechanical moving parts it significantly reduces friction and heat allowing mechanical machinery, equipment and engines to run more efficiently.

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