Revitalizant EX120 for Power Steering and Hydraulic Equipment
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Revitalizant EX120 for Power Steering and Hydraulic Equipment

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Revitalizant EX120 for power steering and hydraulic equipment.

Reinforced revitalizant. Designed for refurbishment and wear protection of the power steering and other hydraulic equipment. During the processing of hydraulic system units, it forms a protective cermet coating on the surfaces of the parts of the pumping, actuating and distribution devices (spools). As a result, the performance of the hydraulic equipment is restored.

  • Eliminates pump whine caused by wear
  • Reduces steering effort
  • Reduces noise and vibration of the hydraulic pump
  • Increases the clarity of the power steering already after 50-100 km of run after application
  • Protects parts from wear at low oil levels


  • Dissolve the required amount of the composition * in 30-50 ml of the used hydraulic fluid, heated to a temperature not lower than +35 ° С
  • Add the resulting mixture to the fluid warmed up to operating temperature in the reservoir of the power steering
  • After adding the composition with the engine running, rotate the steering wheel for 5 minutes after 2-3 minutes


A characteristic sign of the beginning of revitalization is an improvement in the operation of the steering mechanism (reduced steering effort, clarity of operation, reduced noise) already from the first kilometers of run after treatment.


Hydraulic system volume (l) 1-2 2–5 5–8
Number of tubes (9 ml), pcs 1 2 3

* Before using the composition, you should CHANGE the fluid in the power steering and drive at least 200 km:
- if the fluid is contaminated (opaque, changed its original color, etc.);
- the fluid has worked for more than 40,000 km (more than 3 years) or its service life is unknown.

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